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Minimum Wages Act
A minimum wage job can provide a strong letter of recommendation to a former employee when they choose to move on to something more lucrative. This type of recommendation letter as a fringe benefit costs the employer. Benefits for minimum wage jobs can be difficult to negotiate due to the fact that most minimum wage jobs are low-paying because the work itself generates low revenue. What this means is that management is faced with a difficult decision on whether to provide the option for group health coverage or other benefits.
Every unskilled worker, other than an apprentice, employed in a commercial or industrial establishment situated in an area specified in column 1 of the Schedule, shall be paid wages at a rate not lower than the minimum wages per month specified against such area in column 2 of the Schedule.
Responsibility for payment of minimum wages.–
1) Every employer shall be responsible for the payment of minimum wages required to be paid under this Ordinance to all unskilled workers employed, either directly or through a contractor, in his commercial or industrial establishment.
2) Where an unskilled worker employed in a commercial or industrial establishment to which this ordinance applies has been paid wages for the month of July, 1969, at a rate less than the minimum rate of wages to which he is entitled under this Ordinance, the employer shall, within thirty days of the promulgation of this Ordinance, pay such worker the difference between the amount actually paid to him and the amount to which he is entitled under this Ordinance.
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